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In the 2010s, Finland’s largest organisation for small-medium enterprises, Suomen Yrittäjät, saw a need in the market to help business sellers and buyers to connect with each other. Businesses owned by the Baby Boomer Generation was getting closer to their retirement and there was an increasing interest in the market towards entrepreneurship. Business inheritance is uncommon. Hence, Suomen Yrittäjät found a solution by creating a marketplace for selling and buying businesses— Yrityspörssi.


After the first version of Yrityspörssi was created, they looked for a service partner with proven knowledge of marketplace business to develop the marketplace further. As Fiare had a B2B portfolio and provided a solution with the available features they required, Fiare was chosen among several providers. As a result, the revamp project back in 2014 went smoothly with an accurate schedule and at a reasonable cost.


In 2018, Suomen Yrittäjät realized that Yrityspörssi could become a business of its own. Meri Varkoi-Anhava found the future of Yrityspörssi’s business model and the SME sector promising. With her experience in developing and marketing commercial concepts, she saw the platform’s potential and led her to acquire Yrityspörssi together with other shareholders of the current company – one of them still being Suomen Yrittäjät.


Together with Fiare, Meri redesigned the site and continues to add features and services to serve the business sellers and buyers. In addition to business for sale, Yrityspörssi is now a platform for franchises, services offers, wanted businesses, and new types of businesses looking for partners and innovation. New integrations were added to the site, which improved the visibility of announcements, updates and communications of Meri to the users. Moreover, Yrityspörssi is now providing their users with a smoother website flow that encourage interactions between buyers and sellers.

“Working with Fiare is easy and cooperation is working well. When we have a need to improve or develop something, it’s great to have a partner who is running multiple marketplaces and can usually recommend the best way to execute our plans. Everything runs smoohtly and fast.”

Meri Varkoi-Anhava – CEO & Partner at Yrityspörssi

Key Facts

Yrityspörssi is Finland’s largest marketplace for selling and buying businesses.


Since 2018, business size has quadrupled and continues to grow.


Site traffic has increased by 20%.


Fiare’s vast experience and project management enabled Yrityspörssi to implement their vision smoothly.


Yrityspörssi is the largest business for sale marketplace in Finland and serves as the online meeting place for sellers and buyers of companies. Business owners and service owners can easily advertise company offerings. Available advertising packages give sellers and service providers more visibility to their ads, letting buyers get a more comprehensive picture of the business offering.


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