puro earth case study

Nasdaq Becomes a Major Investor of Puro.Earth

On the First of June 2021, Nasdaq and Puro.Earth have announced the completion of Nasdaq’s acquisition of a majority stake in Puro.Earth.    Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) is the world’s largest electronic stock exchange and a global technology company serving the capital markets and other industries. To support Puro.Earth’s growth, Nasdaq will leverage its unique position…

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Nettiauto is now the world’s second most popular car marketplace

As Nettiauto celebrates their 20th anniversary this year, they have continuously proven that they are Finland’s automotive market leader. Looking at the number of visits to their services relative to Finland’s population, Nettiauto is now the second most popular car marketplace in the world, according to Erno Kalalahti, Nettiauto’s Business Manager.   The data comes…

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Fiare Quintype CMS

Quintype designates Fiare as the exclusive implementation partner in the EU

The partnership will enable Fiare to implement Quintype’s technological products for digital publishers across Europe and bring additional layers of comfort for news media companies with concerns of GDPR compliance.   Quintype announces a partnership with one of Europe’s leading technology implementation and consulting firms, Fiare. The partnership will enable Fiare to provide implementation services…

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Puro Corc Diploma 2020

Fiare Solutions Oy and Fiare UK Ltd Neutralise CO2 Emissions for Year 2020

Fiare Solutions Oy and Fiare UK Ltd are offsetting CO2 emissions for Finnish and UK headquarters. We have neutralised 50 Tonnes of CO2 through Puro.Earth. Puro, the world’s first marketplace for carbon removals, helps companies reach carbon net-zero by making CO2 removals verified, comparable and tradable.    Puro’s unique platform brings together suppliers of carbon…

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Puro.earth: The First Carbon Removal Marketplace for Business

The increasing awareness of carbon neutrality has impacted individuals and organisations all over the world. But is limiting our carbon footprint enough to stop global warming? Here in Fiare, we are proud to announce that we are a solution provider of Puro.earth. Puro is the world’s first voluntary carbon removal marketplace for businesses.The Marketplace to Fight…

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