You are here: NORWAY'S MULTI-VENDOR FURNITURE AND INTERIOR DECOR MARKETPLACE is a Norwegian multi-vendor furniture and interior décor marketplace that brings together the most exquisite furniture, cosiest designs and interior décor in one platform.


The passionate owners Ingvild Bjørneboe-Iversen and Maiken Johnsen Kristensen have great plans for However, their previous marketplace solution had limitations and required significant resources to carry out the ambitions. Hence, needed to modernise its marketplace platform and find a partner to provide them with expertise and support to ensure it could materialise its goals.


Unique and niche products come with unique customisations. Fiare recognises this need, which makes the Fiare platform’s flexibility an excellent match with Furthermore, as a technology partner, Fiare equips with trustworthy and reliable payment and shipping integrations.


The most critical requirement for is to make it easier for vendors to promote and manage the inventory of the products on the site. For the vendors and manufacturers, it was highly important to have a system which would allow them to upload and manage their inventory, selection of products and their information in the most efficient and automated way. This led to the development of a Manufacturer Product Catalogue. It only takes a few minutes to publish a high-quality product advertisement using the Manufacturer Product Catalogue. Now, the vendors can easily select the products from the catalogue, enter the number of available stocks, and publish.


The multi-vendor furniture and interior décor marketplace is continually developing further. More merchants and features will be added soon.

Fiare delivers with high level customer service, and the team is dedicated and professional. They are good with time schedules, and we are impressed with their project management. It was important for us to find a partner who has extensive online marketplace experience. We found this with Fiare, and it has been a good relationship from the very first meeting.

Ingvild Bjørneboe-Iversen, Co-Owner

Key Facts

Creation of a Manufacturer Product Catalogue Feature to elevate the product advertisin


Fiare solution adapted local integrations to fit local requirements is providing manufacturers with a channel to connect to a wide customer base


Over 2000 products and furniture available on site

Working with enthusiastic business owners who know what they need, inspire a technology partner to develop features and customisations. And we are happy to have equipped diip with a customisable multi-vendor e-commerce solution with unlimited possibilities. Our unique position as a technology partner also enables us to further advise and assist Ingvild and Maiken by leveraging our extensive experience in cloud services, third-party solutions, and other specialised requirements. 

Together with the rest of the team, we are dedicated to the continuous development of the site and its success

Kirsi Johansson, Director Fiare Solutions Oy

ABOUT is a multi-vendor furniture and interior décor marketplace. They are dedicated to providing buyers access to the finest furniture, refined décor, and delicatessen from niche and vibrant manufacturers. 


For manufacturers and specialist shops, collaborating with meant increasing the visibility of their products and their turnover, as takes care of marketing, customer service, payment, and shipping agreements. 



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