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Plantacus, the first Multi-Vendor Gardening Marketplace in Finland, was built when owners Tuomas Heimonen and Pasi Käkelä recognised the lack of digital venues for the gardening and horticulture industry. Gardening and horticulture is the artistic cultivation of ornamental plants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers in gardens and landscapes.


Both owners are well established in the gardening and horticultural field. Tuomas has been developing his expertise through the award-winning and long-standing family gardening business, Heimosen Puutarha. And Pasi has been working as a horticulture lecturer in the well-known producers of gardening and landscaping professionals, Häme University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Their combined experiences are more than sufficient, but they still needed a partner to bring their digital marketplace alive.


Plantacus not only chose to work with Fiare for Agora solution’s features, but also for our extensive knowledge of the marketplace and digital industry. Fiare has been working together with the owners from the beginning. Primarily, we focused on identifying and capitalising on significant opportunities for their market. We proceeded with solution development and integrations to fit their requirements.

“When we were looking for a solution provider, we chose Fiare because they provide a customisable ready-made store platform and their extensive online marketplace experience.”

Pasi Käkelä – Plantacus Co-Owner
The initial business strategy focused on wholesale business, which provides a platform for professionals to trade. However, the recent pandemic forced Plantacus to realign its plan. Their suppliers needed a quick venue to sell their current harvest directly to the customers. Hence, Plantacus and Fiare swiftly worked together to bring Plantacus Marketplace online — available for the wholesale and retail market.

Since its launch, a growing number of suppliers have started to publish their summer flowers and plants. Other horticultural products are also available such as seeds, berries, horticultural machinery, equipment, supplies and services.

Key Facts

Plantacus is Finland’s first multi-vendor platform that provides local suppliers with the convenience to highlight and trade their speciality products online.


An E-commerce platform integrated with safe and secure payment options and supported by local shipping providers.


Plantacus and Fiare swiftly shifted the marketplace strategy when a health epidemic began. The initial plan to first cater to the wholesale market instantly adapted to include the retail market. The website was quickly launched in a short period.


Fiare’s expertise and vast experience in the marketplace industry enabled Plantacus’ business potential online.

“We are honoured to be part of the first multi-vendor gardening ecommerce marketplace in Finland. And as we adapt to Plantacus’ local market, we quickly integrated local payment methods and delivery options.”
Kirsi Johansson – Managing Director Fiare Solutions Oy


Plantacus, with the business name Kukkapörssi Oy, is a Finnish company recently founded in July 2019. Plantacus is a digital marketplace for gardening, where professionals can seamlessly sell and showcase their products and where buyers can conveniently compare and order plants. In addition to retail, they strongly recognise and support the wholesale market.


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