Marketplace discovery relies heavily on search, yet organic rankings are difficult to achieve. Wih our marketplace platform and expertise gain the search advantage and outperform your competitors



We take a comprehensive approach to optimise every aspect of your marketplace for search engines and users. Key areas we focus on:

On-Page Optimisation

Continuous Optimisation

Technical SEO

Local SEO and Content Optimisation

Our optimisation strategies are designed to improve your search visibility, traffic, and conversions over time. We stay on top of constant Google algorithm changes and best practices.


Our marketplace platform are equipped to support on-page optimisation

Logical Architecture and Navigation

Pages are organised into a clear, intuitive information structure through categories, internal linking and navigation aids for users and search engines.

SEO Friendly URLs

Includes descriptive, keyword-rich structures without unnecessary session IDs or file extensions

H1, Metas, Alt, and Canonical Management

Text fields are available per category or ad making it simple for site owners to implement SEO best practices.

Internal Linking

Our platform automatically generates optimised internal links on item detail pages to related products in the same category or parent categories based on the currently viewed item, helping search engines better understand catalogue relationships across the site.

Redirection Tool

Site owner ca easily configure redirects through our redirection management tool to optimise URL changes while passing link equity between pages.


We believe SEO is an ongoing process, not a one-time project. That’s why we’ve developed systems and processes to continuously optimize your site for search.

Automated Sitemap Generation

A scheduled daily script scans your site to identify updated, new, and removed pages like listings, categories, products, articles, dealers, and an overnight cron job then dynamically generates new XML sitemaps only referencing the latest pages which are immediately accessible to search engines via your robots.txt file to ensure crawlers find all new and changed content promptly without any manual work.

Responsiveness Tuning

We perform mobile-first testing and optimizations to ensure your site is responsive across devices. Adaptive loading ensures a seamless experience for all screen sizes.

Core Vitals Monitoring

Google’s Core Web Vitals for performance and user experience are regularly evaluated. This helps measure your progress and ensures quality as search algorithms evolve.


We take a holistic approach to technical SEO to help search engines understand and engage with your site properly.
  • Our SEO specialist performs a technical audit of your site covering areas like site speed, security, accessibility, crawlability and more.

  • A detailed report is provided outlining optimisation recommendations.

  • Recommendations are discussed and prioritised based on your goals.

  • Upon approval, our developers implement the agreed changes.

Site Speed Optimisation

  • Site speed monitoring and testing
  • Asset optimisation

Backlink Profile Management

  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • Toxic link removal requests as needed

Security Best Practices

  • SSL/TLS encryption
  • Login security


  • WCAG 2.1 AA compliance

Analytics Integration

  • User behaviour insights

Crawlability & Indexing

  • Sitemaps
  • Redirect management
  • No JavaScript blocking
  • Crawl Errors
  • HTTPS Status
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Schema Markups
  • Broken Links
  • 4XX and 5XX Status
  • Content Duplication

Core Web Vitals

  • Loading Experience
  • Interactivity
  • Visual Stability

Local SEO and Content Optimisation

Our SEO specialist will extensively audit your local digital presence and provide a recommendations report.

Location Verification

  • Google My Business listings
  • Google Posts/updates
  • Bing Places for Business

On-Page Optimisation

  • Relevant local keywords
  • Address, phone, business hours
  • Local products/services

Content Format Suggestions

  • Optimal lengths and formats
  • Images, videos, infographics
  • Structured vs. long-form
  • Seasonal/timely topics

Citations & Listings

  • Tracking NAP consistency
  • Business listings optimisation
  • Listing review functionality

Keyword Research & Topic Mapping

  • Competitive analysis of target keywords
  • Identifying long-tail opportunities
  • Mapping topical clusters and themes




Our feature development support allows you the flexibility to roll out high-impact changes based on your strategic goals and opportunities as they arise. When you have a new feature or integration in mind, our team works closely with you to understand requirements and determine feasibility.

We take a consultative approach to understand your goals and priorities. Our dedicated developers create designs, prototypes and fully-functioning features based directly on your requests. This model provides an on-demand process, so you’re not tied to a fixed roadmap. Learn More


Most improvements are seen within 6-12 months as search engines learn to understand your marketplace.

No, our SEO services require using our marketplace platform. Our fully customisable platform is optimised to deliver new features efficiently. Migrating an existing system could introduce unnecessary complexity and delays. We recommend building upon our robust foundation to futureproof your investment and get the full benefits of our agile process.

Learn more marketplace migration

Set benchmarks and goals in Google Search Console and Analytics to measure improvements in visibility, traffic and conversions from organic search over time.


Tell us about your project, industry, and target market. We’ll contact you for a demonstration and clarify the platform goals and business model.


You can also contact Kirsi for inquiries:

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