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THE B2B MARKETPLACE TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE brings together suppliers of carbon net-negative technologies and climate-conscious companies who want to remove their CO2 emissions. The certified suppliers have gone through a rigorous verification process to confirm that their products are truly carbon net-negative. then provides credible CO2 removal certificates (CORCs) up for trading. Each CORC corresponds to one metric ton of CO2 removed and stored away from the atmosphere for at least 50 years. Buyers can activate their CORCs and use them in sustainability reporting and developing carbon-neutral products and services.


Through the FiareAds platform, becoming a buyer at just got easier, with a full e-commerce marketplace. Suppliers can now promote their methods and work on their micro pages. Buyers can now buy up to 1,000 CORCs* at set prices and choose from carbon-removal suppliers that provide different removal methods. Through online shop purchase, buyers receive activated CO2 removal certificates instantly and can use them for their reporting and communications. Learn more at’s Online Shop today. 

“Fiare’s platform provided the ability to match climate proactive companies who want to neutralize their carbon emissions with carbon removal suppliers. The platform helps our mission to foster a global carbon removal ecosystem.”

Antti Vihavainen – Co-Founder
Through the online shop, now focuses on web sales to offer businesses a more straightforward route to net-zero emissions. Fiare is very proud to deliver this feature smoothly and most importantly be part of the cause to Fight Climate Change.
 *For purchases of more than 1,000 CORCs or pre-purchases arrangements, contact

Key Facts

Fiare provided a straightforward solution to trade CO2 removal certificates online


The project was completed in the shortest possible time. The very first version of the marketplace was launched in just a month


According to, the nascent carbon removal industry could grow to $300bn a year by 2050, removing ten billion tonnes of CO2 annually


164 Companies have joined the carbon transformation

“ is the perfect example of utilizing FiareAds as a B2B marketplace platform and a way to trade non-physical goods. We are continuously looking for new innovative ideas where our FiareAds marketplace solution can be utilized and help sellers and buyers to meet each other online. And more than anything else, we are proud to contribute to the fight for the global climate crisis.”
Kirsi Johansson – Managing Director Fiare Solutions Oy

ABOUT PURO.EARTH is the world’s first marketplace for carbon removal. helps companies globally in their science-based journey to net-zero carbon footprint and accelerate the carbon net-negative economy. focuses solely on verified net-negative technologies that can remove carbon at an industrial scale and store it for a minimum of 50 years.


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