Speed up validating new ideas, offerings and technologies in real estate, automotive and online business. Our Minimum Viable Platform (MVP) Development Services for Marketplace and Extranets provide customised solutions and support to test your concepts quickly and cost-efficiently.


Marketplace Platforms

Our customisable and scalable marketplace platform provides a rapid prototyping solution for marketplace concepts. It is equipped with pre-built functions such as listings, inventory, payments, and partner management right out of the box.


Our turnkey marketplace MVP solution is a versatile tool, ready to cater to a wide range of business ideas. Whether you’re looking to automate bidding for contractors, book vehicles or vacation rentals, compare listings, sell products online, or explore various other possibilities, our platform is designed to meet your specific needs flexibly. We provide a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses across multiple sectors.


We specialize in developing custom features based on your vision. With our expertise, we can create and integrate new functionalities tailored to your exact specifications, helping you streamline operations, enhance user experiences, and achieve your business goals.


We specialise in developing extranet platforms tailored to your specific needs. Our pre-built and customisable features include user management, messaging, and external profiles.


Whether you’re exploring opportunities to streamline the user onboarding process, enable traceability across regional partner sites, or consolidate supplier networks, our experts validate your ideas and turn them into successful projects. Additionally, the platform ensures the collection and indexing of data for valuable insights for informed decision-making.


We provide a comprehensive extranet solution that optimises collaboration, enhances efficiency, and drives growth. With our tailored approach and functionalities, you can foster seamless communication, streamline processes, and unlock the full potential of your business relationships. 


Experience is key in marketplace or extranet development. Our team of experts has over 20 years of experience leading local and international MVP projects.


We offer continuous communication and peace of mind from start to finish. Our experienced managers oversee your project’s progression and guide you to meet critical deadlines. You can be sure that your MVP will be launched on schedule with our support.


Our team has deep technical expertise, including rapid prototyping and integrating external systems. We can customise features to meet your needs and take your project to the next level. We also leverage AI and machine learning to automate processes, generate data-driven insights, and enhance user experiences.


Whether you need to connect your platform to your existing internal systems, streamline customer relationship management, or optimise data loading processes, we ensure a smooth and efficient integration that enhances your platform’s overall functionality and value.


We understand the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) for your online presence. Our team implements SEO best practices to enhance your platform’s visibility, improve organic search rankings, and drive targeted traffic to your website or marketplace.


Our team will work closely with you throughout the process. We offer flexible engagement bars to fit your budget and timeline, and our support continues even after your MVP evolves into a full product.




We aim to develop long-term relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and delivering solutions that drive sustainable success.
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    Discovery is conducted through interviews to understand your business model, pain points, and opportunities. The goals, MVP scope, and metrics are aligned.

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    We propose the technical architecture, key features, resourcing plan, and timeline in a Statement of Work. We finalise via contract to formally commit to the objectives, timeline, and financial commitment.

    Timing: 2-4 Weeks

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    We facilitate sessions to map user flows, front-end design, data structure, business models, content, feeds and integrations led by a dedicated project manager.

    Timing: 2-4 Weeks

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    Key features for your new MVP marketplace by leveraging and extending our existing platform using an agile methodology. We conduct regular demos and incorporate your feedback to iteratively evolve the platform to best meet your needs. Your dedicated project manager oversees demos and incorporates feedback.

    Timing: 1-3 Months

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    You validate that all features and integrations meet the agreed-upon functional specifications through our testing process and sign off to accept the platform. We deploy the completed platform onto live servers and address any post-launch issues to ensure a smooth onboarding.

    Timing: 2-4 Weeks

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    We offer continuous platform support to realise long-term ROI over the partnership. This includes bug fixing, regular maintenance through technical and security updates, ongoing cybersecurity monitoring, dedicated project management where a manager owns the client relationship and proactively highlights support needs rather than just handling tickets, and continuous SEO optimisation efforts to help increase organic traffic over time.


The time required to develop an MVP Marketplace or Extranet may vary depending on the project’s complexity. If the necessary features are already available on our platform, the entire platform can be developed and made available within 1-3 months.


For more customised projects, we offer a flexible development process. We can divide them into phases, with the initial phase typically completed and made available within 3-4 months. The next phase can be scheduled as required, allowing you to adapt the development timeline to your needs.

The cost of developing a project depends on several factors, including the project’s complexity, integration, development process, scope of work, and the engagement model selected.


Our one-time set-up fee starts at €8,000-12,000, and a monthly license fee starts at €400-600. The actual cost of the set-up fee will depend on the specific localisation and customisation needs.

We have a pre-existing platform that we can tailor to your specific requirements. Our proprietary platform allows us to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Absolutely! We take great pride in our ability to craft tailor-made solutions that precisely match your unique needs and goals. Whether you want to streamline your operations, enhance your user experience, or achieve other objectives, we have your back. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll work closely with you to create a custom development plan that delivers your desired results.

Yes, improvements and growth are essential to MVPs, and we are here to support you throughout your journey. Our monthly license fee includes bug-fixing support.


We offer continuous development services that include ongoing consulting and strategy sessions, dedicated implementation teams, and constant development to improve your MVP/platform with your feedback.


Our comprehensive project management ensures you have a dedicated point of contact guiding you. Project Managers are responsible for overseeing your instance, addressing ongoing support needs, and serving as the liaison between your business and our team. They proactively monitor progress and surface action items and help maximise the value and ROI of our partnership.


If your support needs go beyond the standard package, we have flexible managed service options, which include on-site/embedded teams and Project Managers to manage the instance, take over day-to-day operations, and offer time and materials or fixed-price contract models.


Our ultimate goal is to help your MVP grow into your envisioned success. Please let us know how we can best support your unique needs continuously through our dedicated project management.


Tell us about your project, industry, and target market. We’ll contact you for a demonstration and clarify the platform goals and business model.


You can also contact Kirsi for inquiries:

Kirsi Johansson, Director
+358 40 745 2100