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Badische Zeitung is a media company from the Black Forest region in Germany. Headquartered in Freiburg, they are the leading local newspaper with a daily circulation of 140,500 copies per day and a readership of approximately 350,000. At the beginning of 2016, their market research suggested that there were opportunities for local media companies to offer a better real estate proposition – giving owners and renters the best possible deal. It was time for this local news publisher to reclaim its share of the real estate market.


The intention was to provide a mobile-first digital platform for real estate in Freiburg and the whole Black Forest region. They were faced with an obstacle to overcome in terms of achieving this. Would Badische Zeitung opt to develop a system in-house, or select an external company with suitable credentials? Integration to the existing back-end systems of Badische Zeitung was necessary. The agents’ inventory would need be automatically uploaded to the site. SEO needed to be optimal. Delivery needed to be swift. Badische Zeitung decided that the FiareAds white label solution could offer all the functions and features which they were looking for.


Created by the cooperation of leading local real estate providers and the Badische newspaper, the goal was to create a regional real estate market which best served the local people. After identifying Fiare as the service provider, Wohnverdient.de was the result. It offers comfortable search and notification functions for users, can be linked to social media channels and is accessible at any time. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or rent a property – Wohnverdient.de provides the right offer for everyone.

“Working with Fiare has been an enjoyable ride. We had a clear vision of what our new real estate site needed to do – Fiare has been able to adapt the FiareAds platform to bring this vision to life”
Karsten Bader – Head of Sales – Classifieds, Badische Zeitung


The Badische Zeitung is a local German newspaper with residence in Freiburg. The distribution is in Freiburg with the areas Breisgau- Hochschwarzwald, Emmendingen, Lörrach and Waldshut, the southern part of Ortenaukreises as well as part of the Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreises.

Key Facts

German real estate market monopoly – Badische Zeitung showing how local news companies can wrestle back their share of the market


Fiare is uploading the inventory of real estate agents automatically using the OpenImmo format – enabling the agents to smoothly show their inventory on the site hassle-free


Badische Zeitung is the leading media company in the region


Fiare enable media companies to monetise their audiences and boost under-performing segments of business

21 different local editions are published daily with a total circulation of 140,500 copies per day. For 20 years, Badische Zeitung has been feeding the people of the region and the world with news (also online at www.badische-zeitung.de) from South Baden and operating online classified marketplaces. More than 29 million page impressions and 4.5 million unique visitors make the online platform of Badische Zeitung one of the most successful news portals in Germany.


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