Otava reinvented itself to achieve success – Kauppalehti

  • Article features Otava Group case study as a success story
  • Group CEO stresses importance of trying new things for publishers as web services become biggest revenue driver
  • and – both NettiX properties, are managed by Fiare

Otava Group is one of the leading media companies in Finland, and is currently going from strength to strength. A recent article  (in Finnish) by Kauppalehti explains how Otava have managed to keep with their heritage but also diversify and adapt to the needs of their consumers with new web services. In fact, one segment of the Otava Group organisation is performing considerably well, where Fiare has a meaningful presence.

NettiX, which boasts the Fiare-powered Nettiauto and Nettivuokraus amongst its portfolio has emerged as the leading revenue generator and valuable portion of the business. Alexander Lindholm, Otava Group CEO describes the importance of NettiX to the overall organisation: “Ten to fifteen years ago, I could not have foreseen that NettiX would be our singular most valuable product. The media business is not set in stone – you have to try new things”.

We enjoy maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients and affiliates. One such bond, which has stood from the very birth of our company, is that with Otava Group. Fiare has been a strategic technology partner for Otava Group since 2006, and the relationship has been instrumental to the growth and overall success of both companies.

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