Fiare Quintype CMS

Quintype designates Fiare as the exclusive implementation partner in the EU

The partnership will enable Fiare to implement Quintype’s technological products for digital publishers across Europe and bring additional layers of comfort for news media companies with concerns of GDPR compliance.   Quintype announces a partnership with one of Europe’s leading technology implementation and consulting firms, Fiare. The partnership will enable Fiare to provide implementation services…

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Puro Corc Diploma 2020

Fiare Solutions Oy and Fiare UK Ltd Neutralise CO2 Emissions for Year 2020

Fiare Solutions Oy and Fiare UK Ltd are offsetting CO2 emissions for Finnish and UK headquarters. We have neutralised 50 Tonnes of CO2 through Puro.Earth. Puro, the world’s first marketplace for carbon removals, helps companies reach carbon net-zero by making CO2 removals verified, comparable and tradable.    Puro’s unique platform brings together suppliers of carbon…

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The increasing awareness of carbon neutrality has impacted individuals and organisations all over the world. But is limiting our carbon footprint enough to stop global warming? Here in Fiare, we are proud to announce that we are a solution provider of Puro is the world’s first voluntary carbon removal marketplace for businesses.The Marketplace to Fight…

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5 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Tips during COVID-19

We have seen different impacts of the pandemic on various industries. Rental, services, and real-estate marketplaces, which require physical interaction to close a deal, are slowing down. In contrast, we have also seen sectors and Marketplaces that have seen increased traffic and engagements. Marketplace platforms continue to be a useful tool during these challenging times.…

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Email Marketing for you Marketplace

5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to your Multi-Merchant Online Marketplace

We have gathered some tips on how to increase your website traffic on your multi-merchant online marketplace.   These marketing strategies and technical improvements have been proven by successful marketplaces like Airbnb, Amazon and eBay.   So let’s get started.   1. Increase word of mouth through referral marketing Why not set up a referral…

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