Fiare to present at ZMG Infotag 2018

Recent advancements in digital technologies are increasingly shaping the processes and structures of classic classified advertising markets. InfoTag 2018, held by ZMG and AIM Group in Frankfurt on Tuesday 30th October, will host a presentation held by Fiare on the successful collaboration with SDZ Druck und Medien GmbH for their real estate portal. The event will enable other regional and national news media publishers to gain insight into how a real estate portal provides a gateway to digital revenue and all the benefits this involves.

ZMG InfoTag 2018’s focus is ‘New Principles and Technologies’ – showing the changes in the market environment, but also considering the opportunities for publishers in the classifieds business. The event will include an overview of trends in the classified market that affect newspaper publishers. These are summarised in the current Rubriken Trendreport of ZMG and AIM Group. Subsequently, case studies of newspaper houses are presented, which were successfully implemented with service providers. Fiare’s journey with SDZ Druck und Medien GmbH is one of the featured case studies at the event.
This is not the first time Fiare have presented at the event. In 2016, the case of Fiare and Badische Zeitung was presented to the audience about their real estate portal and the working relationship which created it. Fiare’s continued presence in the Rubriken Trendreport is indicative of their growing influence and expertise in consulting as well as providing a software platform for marketplaces and eCommerce in global markets.
You can watch the case study on our project with SDZ Druck und Medien below.

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