The Flyer relaunch site with Fiare

If you are Miami or Tampa-based and looking to buy or sell pretty much anything, from furniture, clothing, and sports equipment, to machinery, apartments, and businesses – The Flyer is the place for you. The newly-renovated site is powered by Fiare and makes buying, selling and renting easier than ever before.

The Flyer is the largest direct mail shopping publication in the U.S. with a leading classifieds network that reaches millions of people, and brings customers to countless individual sellers and business owners throughout their market areas. The site is optimised for the US-English and Spanish languages to cater for the large Hispanic population in the region. In the early months after launch, there are already 92636 items and 9764 businesses for sale (accurate July 2017) on the site.

The Flyer’s core business is classifieds, which was traditionally via a direct mail business model – tailored print solutions for businesses. Today, the company boasts a broad array of advertising solution products. The Flyer reaches over 1.6 million households, serving 6 counties in four major metropolitan markets across Florida. Now these customers have a newly-renovated digital proposition to manage their inventory in a smooth, hassle-free manner.

“So many people rely on The Flyer in Florida to advertise their businesses and products. The newly-renovated site with our platform provides both front and back-end users all the tools they need to conduct business. At Fiare we love helping establishments like The Flyer monetise their web operations and thrive in a digital environment”, said Tim Walsh, Director of US Operations at Fiare.


About The Flyer

The Flyer was launched in 1977 when Dick and Judy Mandt had the idea to start a direct mail local shopper in the Westchester area of Miami. 40 years later, the company is still going strong and committed to the same principles. The Flyer is still passionate about its mission to connect buyers and sellers and bring the best local values to its customers.

The Flyer is locally-owned and operated, providing a thorough understanding of the local markets it serves. Their broad array of advertising solution products includes: classified and display on-page advertising, print and mail flyers, freestanding inserts, and digital advertising.

The Flyer is a collection of neighbourhood shopping values such as: Coupons, Private Party Sales, Garage Sales, and more. The Flyer is also a weekly local buying guide for Real Estate, Auto, Home Services, Business and Professional Services, and local Job Listings.