FiareAds Rentals Solution (FRS)

Renting and sharing – the business of today


Moving towards more sustainable forms of consumption is a trend which continues to grow. The motives for renting as opposed to ownership of goods is driven by factors including convenience, the desire to reduce waste and excess (for the environment, to be more economical with storage space amongst other reasons) the desired time-frame of possessing the goods and more.

Providing your customers with the option to lease could galvanise your business. Fiare facilitate hybrid market models for businesses through rentals, in community-based online services via our rentals platform – FiareAds Rentals Solution (FRS).

  • Flexibility – Set the desired timeframes of exchange, including hourly, daily, weekly or overnight basis - as well as seasonal bookings.
  • Transparent – Showing the live availability of your inventory through the booking calendar; users can filter search for relevant and active ads only.
  • Ease of use – Functionality to make the bookings/transactions without leaving the site. It includes a sophisticated search and all the functionality of FiareAds buying & selling platform.
  • Trust – To increase trust between the two parties the Fiare Rental Solution comes with a chat function, dealer reviews and the capability to upload high-quality images. FiareAds Rentals Solution gives front and back-end users the tools to conduct the exchange in full confidence.