Marketplace Consulting

Building a successful marketplace requires a deep understanding of business models, customer profiles and trends.


This understanding can be maintained only by constantly studying and analysing consumer demands, advertiser requirements and the latest innovations. To create a popular and profitable service, all that knowledge has to be combined with a solid, fully functional platform that has all the necessary tools to maintain, manage and evolve with the demands of the business.

Launching a website is just the beginning of the journey. In order to maintain competitiveness in the market one needs to monitor the competition and user expectations. It's also important to get the latest information about the best practises, emerging innovations, new technologies and disrupting business models.

Since our clients are coming from different regions and sectors, facing both local and global competition, we are able to share ideas and best practises from other markets in order to help our clients to find their unique competitive edge and position in the market.  That makes us unique in the market - our client relationships are truly partnerships.

Our knowledge and experience
  • Business models - How to monetise
  • User demands - How to deliver the best experience
  • Advertiser requirements - How to best serve the customers
  • Comprehensive understanding of the digital media industry
  • Experience in both mainstream and niche markets
  • Constant analysing of market, trends and innovations