New AvBuyer site takes off with Fiare

avbuyer – the world’s aircraft-for-sale portal – has been relaunched with Fiare. AvBuyer offers a searchable database of aircraft for sale including business jets, general aviation airplanes, and helicopters. The new site is powered by the FiareAds platform and contains articles and performance reviews as well as the marketplace.

With market-leading content from the AvBuyer magazine team on everything around aviation, marketplace specialists Fiare had the expertise and technology to revamp the site. With ease of use, speed and the functionality required for the ad placement and enquiry processes – the new AvBuyer provides aircraft buyers and sellers the best possible user experience on all devices.

Kirsi Johansson, Director of UK Operations, remarked: “We are delighted to get the new AvBuyer site off the ground. We have been working with market leaders in niche sectors and this project has seen that trend continue. The hard work does not stop here though, we are driven to improve and evolve with the demands of business and look forward to continuing with our collaboration.”