It’s 2001, Helsinki. Two fun-loving, enthusiastic Finns decided to act upon the fact that there was no online classifieds marketplace for buying and selling cars in their homeland. At least, not one which was efficient, easy-to-use and gave the users the best possible package.

With passion, dedication and an understanding of the technology which could be the foundation of a flourishing digital marketplace, NettiAuto was born. A domain for buying and selling cars in a more user-friendly, efficient way. Against all odds, they turned NettiAuto into the market leader for selling cars in Finland. All this was driven out of the desire to bring people a service which had their interests and convenience at the forefront.

We have continued with this momentum and adhered to the same philosophy ever since. We enable media companies to unlock the value of their content and audience by serving as Marketplace Consultants and primarily by providing the sophisticated FiareAds platform – a whitelabel solution for running online marketplaces and eCommerce sites. We are not simply a software company. We care for our clients.

The FiareAds solution has now been implemented in multiple sectors – from cars and boats to guns and real estate. Our clients run their businesses in 15 different countries including the UK, the US, Spain and Italy, as well as countries in the Middle-East and Africa.  But it’s not just our network of clients which is expanding. Our team has been growing too. Fiare now has sales and production teams based in the UK, the US, Finland, Germany and India.

Fiare - online marketplace platform