FiareAds platform powers Finland’s new rentals hub

NettiX Ltd recognise that the digital marketplace doesn’t need to focus solely on buying and selling. They have launched Finland’s largest and most versatile rental marketplace site – The site is powered by the FiareAds platform.

For many consumers, renting or sharing are natural alternatives to ownership. These behaviours are constantly gaining popularity; people are considering their purchases carefully. When the Finnish consumer wants to rent vehicles, machinery, or even bouncy castles – these products can now be found in one place. The service already has nearly 300 rental industry companies and a vast supply of goods from a range of industries.

NettiX Ltd, the digital arm of Otavamedia, is familiar with the Finnish motives for leasing. Their market study identified important motives for this consumer behaviour, including if the product is rarely used or a one-off. Hiring is a preferable process for products that are not easily accessible or affordable to own. It is also a desirable option when the consumer wishes to test the product, if a purchase is under consideration. Some consumers also mentioned the desire to live eco-friendly as an important factor for renting goods.

Fiare facilitate hybrid market models for businesses through rentals, in community-based online services. Fiare’s expertise in creating successful online marketplaces through a range of exchange processes was instrumental in the development of this new offering. is another milestone in a long strategic partnership between Otavamedia and Fiare.

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