Fiare the ‘Achievers’: Marketplace specialists recognised as one of Finland’s successful, growing companies

Fiare has been awarded the ‘Growth Company 2017’ award – a prestigious new company certificate based on Kauppalehti‘s annual ‘Achievers’ series, which analyses the financial success of Finnish companies.

Obtaining the certificate requires that the company’s financial performance is among the best in its industry and in Finland. Less than 2% of Finnish companies are eligible for the Achiever certification. Fiare have been presented the ‘Growth Company 2017’ award for considerable growth over the past three years – including increased revenue over 10% higher than the industry average.

The Achievers are classified by Balance Consulting – the analysis unit of Kauppalehti, part of Alma Media Group. The analysis looks at six aspects of the companies’ financial performance: growth, profitability, financial results, liquidity, solidity and debt serviceability. The classification includes all Finnish companies with an annual turnover of more than 1.7 million euros, which determines that approximately 1.9% of all Finnish companies are in contention for the award.

Kauppalehti affirm that the Achiever certificate is proof of a company being on a solid financial foundation. Companies which earn the award are reliable and desirable partners, as well as good employers. The Achiever certificate also indicates that the management and organisation of the holder company are working efficiently and the company has the required business acumen.

Growth Company Award Certificate