Otavamedia is one of the largest media companies in Finland. They are a publisher of 25 magazines and more than 30 websites. Online content that moves people attract millions of users weekly and forms one of the best reaching networks in Finland. The average time spent on their website is nearly 15 minutes which is the longest among all Finnish websites. Naturally, the vast number of traffic requires stable technology to ensure smooth user experience at all times.

Fiare has been a strategic technology partner for Otavamedia for over 10 years. Furthermore, we provide them a broad range of planning, system and server architecture, monitoring and maintenance services. The infrastructure behind some of Otavamedia's most popular websites - like Nettiauto.com and Ampparit.com - is constantly developed and improved by Fiare.

Nettiauto is the most popular car marketplace in Finland. It has been providing a better service and user experience. In fact, it was the first marketplace in Finland to launch featured ads on the homepage. Finally, advertisers started to showcase their advertisement to everyone at the best location.

At present, Nettiauto has continuously proven its leadership in marketplace innovation. Nettiauto made transactions digital through digital bill of sale. In OmaNettiX, parties are guided to manage the deal from the documentation of digital bill of sale to payments, while ensuring the correct information and security.

"Our partner needs to understand our business and keep it going also when the amount of users reach new heights. Strategic partnership with Fiare has been a choice, which we have never regretted and has helped us reach new levels in amount of users and business year after year. "

Veli-Matti Vänninmaja, Director, Nettiauto.com/Otavamedia


The Otavamedia B2B Sales organisation consists of experts from Otavamedia media sales, OMA and Otava’s New Business Functions.
Otavamedia Oy publishes a total of 25 magazines in Finland and more than 30 websites. The magazines reach nearly two million readers every month. Otavamedia also reaches more than three million Finns online every month.

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