Announcing the Fiare Global Summit 2017

Global Summit Banner

The inaugural Fiare Global Summit will take place this Thursday, 18th May in Helsinki. Fiare clients and affiliates from different corners of the globe will join for a day oriented around marketplace business. There will be speakers from various sectors in the digital realm, presenting on topics such as data, eCommerce trends and insights, the Cloud and more. Amongst the companies represented at the Summit are Time Inc., Macmillan Publishing, Metropolis International Group, Otavamedia, Super Analytics and UpCloud. 

Fiare CEO Tommi Heikkonen said: “I am naturally very excited for the Summit, I believe it will showcase our credentials as marketplace specialists. We have set out to cover the hot topics for digital businesses through engaging speakers, as well as some additional activities which I hope our guests will enjoy. It will also be a rare opportunity to gather members from the international Fiare teams together as one.” 

Look out for more updates on the Fiare Global Summit in the coming days. To learn more about the event, please contact Marketing Communications Executive Walter Lees.